Tuesday, 4 October 2011

New Release from Groanbox

Groanbox, the North American world roots trio, are releasing their fifth album on October 31, 2011, to be launched at King's Place, London on October 28th.
The band wrote, rehearsed, and recorded all of the material for their latest release, Guts, Lungs & Bones in a cottage perched at the bottom of a green, sheep-flecked and brook-bordered hill in the Scottish Lowlands over a period of ten days in August 2011.
Recorded live with producer/engineer Oscar Cainer at the helm, the album features ten original compositions and one traditional number, Death Don’t Have No Mercy.

Supporting the King's Place gig is John Ellis, mostly known for his work as a guitarist with major UK acts such as Peter Gabriel, The Stranglers, Peter Hammill and many more. He is also a songwriter and composer of electronic music. He has released 6 albums of instrumental music written for installations. His current song-based project is called THE PINCH. It consists of songs and instrumentals mostly played on acoustic guitar.

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Anonymous said...

Dang! Just purchased your latest from Groanbox and am blown away by the work. I have not heard accordion played like that since I dunno when but hey I like it and have stood atop mountaintops to screech the name of you lads.
Hell, I've even tried to tag together a bit of a post on my website using 'Running down the tiger' and 'Poison at the tollbooth'....come on over and have a look see if you wish.
Speakin' of look sees I need to delve through the vast catalogue of some of your musical projects.
Keep going buddy and if you get a chance head down to Oz some time, you'd be more than well received :)